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Introducing the Zeuter Internet Accelerator

Zeuter Development Corporation introduces the Zeuter Internet Accelerator offering up to 19x greater throughpout than a standard Dialup Internet connection.

Our Zeuter Internet Accelerator cannot change your connection speed, that is a physics thing, to do with noise on your phone line. More noise, less speed. More distance between you and the phone company, more noise. What the Zeuter Internet Accelerator does is a combination of pre-compression and some disk-caching that turbo-bursts your throughput up to nineteen times (19x). The effect can be dramatic depending on what loss of quality you can accept in your images. It works for Web, Email, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and Newsgroups too! If you want it applied to your account or for more information, please email sales@zeuter.com.

Check it Out!! Call now to get on the Internet!!


Please email sales@zeuter.com for more information!

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