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Email Options

We provide two different types of Email Accounts:
Extra Email

With an Extra Email, you add an additional independent address to your existing account allowing you to send or receive mail under another name. All mail sent to your Extra Email will be saved in an independent mail file.

The advantages are:
Email Alias

Emails sent to an Email Alias are forwarded to the Email Address of your choice. We can also create an Email Alias for any domain we host, such as info@yourdomain.com.

The advantages are:
For example, say your current Email Address is fred@zeuter.com. You may obtain an Extra Email, wilma@zeuter.com for your friend to use. This mail will be kept in a separate folder and can be protected by an independent password. Then, say, you obtain an Email Alias, barney@zeuter.com. Any mail sent to the Email Alias will be kept in the fred@zeuter.com mail folder.

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