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Zeuter Online Spam & Virus Filter

The Zeuter Online Virus & Spam Filter will automatically quarantine suspected spam messages and viruses directed at YOU!

Once you are using the Zeuter Online Spam & Virus Filter, emails which appear to contain spam or viruses are stored in the Spam folder of your Webmail. You can inspect your Spam Folder at any time to check for valid emails which may have been quarantined inadvertantly.

Please note, this service uses a third-party heuristic algorithm to identify possible viruses or spam messages. The service does not guarantee that viruses will not infect your computer; it is simply a filtering of incoming mail handled by our Incoming Mail (POP3) Server, mail.zeuter.com from outside of Zeuter. It does not protect against viruses coming through HotMail or Yahoo Mail for example, or mail sent by other Zeuter customers. Nor will it protect you against damage from viruses delivered on floppy disk, homemade CDs, through downloads or pre-existing viruses on your PC.

In addition to subscribing to our Zeuter Online Virus & Spam Filter, we recommend that you install, update on a regular basis and run an antivirus program such as AVG. Feel free to email sales@zeuter.com to obtain antivirus software or to subscribe to our Zeuter Online Spam & Virus Filter.

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Please email sales@zeuter.com for more information!

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